Changing gameplay in game

Hi everyone!

I’m making a test on how I can use blueprints to change from a third person actor to a car, for example. What I’ve got so far is this:

  • The car actor from the Vehicle Template
  • The Third Person Character from the Third Person Blueprint.

I’ve migrated the assets from the Vehicle template into the third person blueprint, and I’d like know to change from using one actor into the other. This is how I’ve done it so far:

Having done so, when I press “N” two things happen: First, a Third Person Character actor appears. Second, when I press the key again, I can finally control the Third Person actor.

My question is, why is it only letting me control the Third Person Character after I press N twice? Can you see anything wrong with the blueprint I’ve created? Also, I’d like to destroy the car after I’ve possessed the new character. How would I enable that?

Thanks for your time for reading this and have a good day!

The first thing I’d try is to swap the order of possess and spawn actor nodes. I’m guessing it’s not letting you possess something which doesn’t exist yet.

As for destroying the car, you have a destroy actor node. Spawning and Destroying an Actor | Unreal Engine Documentation

Are you doing this in the car blueprint? If you want to change actor blueprints, you probably should move input to the player controller - once you destroy the car, well, the blueprint will be gone too, meaning no changing back for you!

Thanks for your answer and for the link, it has already helped a lot :wink: