Changing Game Mode on Open Level

Currently I have my game set to change the Game Mode on Open Level. This works successfully as I can see the Game Mode and Game State Actors in the Level Details Panel have changed. The odd thing is that when I change the Game Mode it does not create a new Player State or Player Controller(Those are missing in the Level Details). Why are they not getting created and am I doing something wrong? They are included in the new Game Mode.

Take in consideration that each level can have his own gamemode asigned, So when you open a level it load his own gamemode.
So, after the level is opened, i don’t know if you can change the game mode. But if you can do it, probably this don’t restart the level, so probaly don’t spawn your character and controller. But ias i says before, i don’t know!.
When i need a special gamemode i asign it to the level itself, and when i open the level, everything works well.

Micky is completely right. Unfortunately changing the GameMode in runtime does not trigger spawning those things. That is handled by the level during load, so in case you want to do that, my guess is you will have to reload the level. Instead, what you can do is manually override the GameMode you want to use when loading the level. I recommend you check the following post: