Changing from first person to 3rd person driving (RESOLVED)

Hey guys,

I tried to look up similar questions but still was a little fuzzy on it all. I’m doing the unreal engine playlist on youtube and trying to put everything that is taught about in one level (like a huge tutorial level) and I can see I can make new levels in the project but how would I change the game modes?

The plan is to somehow collide with a trigger to get into the new level and in that level have it be the 3rd person car level (like in video 81 in the youtube playlist series)

Anyhelp would be great since I’m trying to keep it altogether in one project
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Level change is quite easy, this can be done in the level blueprint (youtube has a ton of tutorials about changing levels), but in the 3rd person matter, you have to have a pawn (car) that has a camera on a spring arm in the desired position (check tutorial “UnrealEngine car tutorial simple”, and in the level blueprint, use the “On event begin play”, then link it to possess (without context sensitive, hook up “get player controller”, and hook up plug in your desired “car”.

Thanks :slight_smile: -