Changing friction of a Physical Material

I have to Physics Materials, one for Snow and one for a Snowboard. I want to be able to dynamically change the friction between then using a controller. I can get the friction of a physical material but I can’t change it. Is there a better way to do this?

An easy approah would be to change the physical materials.

I truly disagree with your base idea. I would instead create puddles with a different phys-mat alltogether to change the amount of friction in a specific spot. Or increase if you hit an ice patch.
However you can probably resort to this

The goal is to simulate the snowboarding leaning and digging in or releasing the board edge. This is a smooth process so I would need a TON of pre-made physical materials. It also means that I can’t just make icy patches since the snowboarder can lean at any point.

If you’re using landscape why not make multiple material layers of different types of snow? Each layer will have different physical material. Then you can simply paint randomness into the snow including ice patches.