Changing FPS character orientation to match alternate gravity

Ok, so I am in the early stages of learning BP after using Unity for a couple years with basic C# (really more an assets guy). I am working on a prototype for a fps character controller that can enter trigger volumes that change the the direction of gravity (for MC Escher type situations).

An example level BP that does this for a certain volume is posted above.

(if there is a better way to achieve this result, I would certainly like to know! One major issue is that the player doesn’t move toward the wall on the Y axis until they have jumped to break the static friction.)

The real question, is how do I change the player character’s orientation, so that it now uses that Y axis as its new vertical, and grounds on the wall?

I have tried rotating the character controller, and the result seems to be that it rotates the collider capsule only, and the capsule still wants to ground on the normal floor even in new gravity zones, and the camera is still oriented the same way.