Changing Float Not Being Picked Up?

Using Float ’Base Movement Rate’ with ’Safe Divide’ to set ’Scale Value’ - Ref 1

Ref 1: Edited*

Using Boolean ’Is Sprinting’ as Condition to Flip-Flop Float value ’Base Movement Rate’ with every ’InputAction …Stick-Click’ Event Through ’Set’ Node - Ref 2

At Runtime, debug Get, Print 's are showing values are setting as intended on every ’InputAction …Stick-Click’

Sprint ENABLED, TRUE, 0.1

But the actual movement speed only switches once from 1.1 to 0.1 and not back again.

Boolean ’Is Sprinting’ is starting at FALSE
Flaot ’Base Movement Rate’ is starting at 1.1

Any thoughts on what I’m missing? Any other information I can give?

Ref 2:

Did you forget to connect this?



Ah that’s funny cx

Thank you for pointing that out; apparently it was all already connected up in the save despite the pic. Did figure out the problem though, seems the gap between 1.1 and 0.1 post divide was apparently too small to notice, despite the math? 1/1.1 is .90909… and 1/0.1 is 10, probably something with the Add Movement Node Scale Value Input? More test needed but, thank you ClockworkOcean for helping me get to a solution.

Picture has been updated with edit noted.