Changing flame colour

I’m looking for change the flame colour on the campfires, torches etc.
For the life of me I can’t find where to change it. Could someone point me to the correct direction?

Thank you.

It’s pretty simple;

Step 1; Open “campfire” BP
Step 2: Go to the Components tab
Step 3: Find “ActivatedEmitter”, click it and go to “Child actor component”. Under “Child actor class” there will be a “CampFireEmitter”. Find that in the assets.
Step 4: Open “CampfireEmitter”. Then search “Particles” in the top bar.
Step 5: Open “Campfire” particle file.
Step 6: Inside of the “Campfire” particle file click “Find in CB”, Copy this file to your mod folder.
Step 7: In your new campfire particle file go to “Moving Fire”, click “Color over life”
Step 8: Under “Constant” you’ll find X Y Z coords…simply move those until you find a color you like. Then update all of your custom files to use that particle effect.

One you find it in the way snkgeek23 mentioned, here is a little more detailed guide on changing a particle system color

Thank you, to the both of you. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: