Changing .FBX version in Maya for UE4

From my understanding UE4 only supports .FBX file formats with Maya 2013. I’m currently using Maya 2015, and would like to know if it’s possible to change which version my selection is exported as an .FBX file (It looks like I need this to export as version 7.3?) - Or will I need to install Maya 2013?

Additionally, is there a timeline on when .FBX exports with Maya 2014 and 2015 will be supported?

I know with 3Ds Max, when you are exporting your mesh, a whole bunch of options appear on how you want to export the mesh, including the version. So just look through all of the options when exporting it, and switch the version to the one you want.

Also, here is a link that might help if you cannot find it:,topicNumber=d30e141347
The information you want is at the bottom.

for maya

you could choose FBX version while exporting from FBX file format TAB

it’s very simple to change it to 2013

I’m using maya 2014 and always export FBX Version 2013

Thanks, it took some digging but I found where this option is now.

Export Selection > File Type Specific Options > Edit Preset… > Advanced Options > FBX File Format > Change Version