Changing eye height of PlayerPawn bound to a spline

Hey guys,

So I recently started using UE4 and wanted to create something like a roller coaster. Since I had no previoues experience I just look for a template and started working from there. To my suprise everything went pretty smoothly thus far. I first created the level and then added the track. Since the track was somewhat small I had to scale it up.
Everything is finished and working now, but the problem is that the camera (which is bound to the spline of the track) is very low on the track. Changing the Camera Setting “Base Eye Height” appears to change nothing. Do you have any suggestions?
The height of the camera is normal, as long as I do not scale the size of the track up.

While I’m at it, it would be nice if I could control the camera with the mouse while riding the roller coaster. If you got any ideas for that it would be welcome as well =D

For reference, I used this tutorial and the corresponding template.

Thanks in advance

Ok a few hours later and I found the problem. I didn’t know you could scale PlayerPawns as well. So as expected it was a stupid mistake. Sorry about that ^^