changing duration for a transition rule in blend settings in the animation blueprints anim graph


		When im in the animation blueprint for my character, and im in the Anim graph, and i click on one of the transition rules, in the details panel there is a section that says blend settings, and in there, there's a variable called duration which can be adjusted for the amount of time it blends the animations together when it is transitioning. Every time we try to adjust that duration variable, Unreal crashes. Is this just a bug with the engine, or is there a reason this is crashing the game that i can fix?

i also posted this in unreal answers but i seem to have a lot more luck with people answering on the forums so im posting it here too.

well depends where google sends us, if we have the same problem :wink:

You cant handle the duration dynamic, but you just can add another transition rule and enter your new transition time.
Sure now you need to handle the transition against each other, but should not be a problem.
We had the same issue on Aiming in Cover and not in Cover.

take a look at this, this could definlity help. Good thing here, i was now able to delete the “weapon_aiming_cover” and just can handle it in “weapon_aiming” (that is not part of the screenshot, just wanted to show the two transition rules).

have you tried with a blank project and adjust the duration variable? Or was it because 0.03 seconds translate to 0 frame in animation?

honestly i dont remember… i posted this over a year ago, i think we found a way around it though