Changing download folder in Unreal launcher !!!

I haven’t downloaded the KiteDemo yet only because I got insufficient space on my SSD. I happily went to check if this feature’d been added everytime the update of launcher released recently, but ended up disappointed at all times. It’s not funny!

This is how Valve achieved it in Steam, maybe inspiring.

+1 for that

+1 I feel your pain…

A new launcher update was relesed yesterday, but this feature hadn’t been added as usual. :frowning:


This should be a fairly high priority considering how common SSDs are becoming. I’ve been using symbolic links to push the downloads off my main (SSD) drive but I really hate having to go that route and symlinks are probably pretty intimidating to someone that hasn’t used them before.

Thank you for replies. But why no official reply from Epic?

Hey guys,

there is a section about making symbolic links and the such. This is what to do after a fresh install:

  • download and install client

  • open command prompt as an administrator.

  • Say if I want to link my engine download into the file directory on my D drive “D:/Some Name/Put Engine Here” I would use the code:

mklink /D “C:\Program Files/Epic Games/4.8” “D:/Some Name/Put Engine Here”

  • For the downloaded content (stuff in your vault) to move it into a folder called “D:/Some Name/Put Vault Here” I used the code:

mklink /D “C:/Program Files/Epic Games/Launcher/VaultCache” “D:/Some Name/Put Vault Here”

  • then go into the D pathway and create the folder “Put Vault Here” in the “Some Name” folder


For ease sake though I went into my D drive and created the path “D:/Program Files/Epic Games/Launcher” and just mirrored the save locations to what they would be like on the C drive.

Before you actually create the link you need to delete the file in the C drive. What I mean is if you are making the link to the VaultCache folder, you need to delete that folder in the C pathway. After you create the link, you need to create a new folder in the D pathway.

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone,

I’m glad that you found the symbolic link solution.

This is an issue that we are aware of and it’s been logged in our tracking software.



+1 from me. I also ended up creating a NTFS Junction but that shouldn’t really be necessary.

nice find.

Is there also a way to stop the launcher from running when I open my project directly? It always loads the launcher and the marketplace page. I sometimes catch it and close it quick, but if I do that it actually opens again within the same launch. Normally it wouldnt be terrible to just close it, but since the editor crashes 10-30 times a day for me, it gets annoying.

My small SSD has only 60 GB for other software than Windows so I vote this +10/10.