Changing direction with conveyor belt system

Hello forums!

I’m currently working on a game, in which I need conveyor belts to move around certain objects. I’ve followed the Unreal Engine guide on conveyor belts (I’ve linked to the guide). This works just as expected. My actors are moving along the conveyor belts x-axis. However, in my game, I’d like place a new conveyor belt that change the direction from forward to left, or right. I tried just placing a new conveyor belt at the end of the forward conveyor belt, and changing the direction of the new conveyor belt, but this invokes an issue with the current design of the conveyor belts.

As soon as my actor on top of the conveyor belt hits the new conveyor belt, it hasn’t left the first conveyor belt, and so instead of just changing direction to left, it moves both forward AND left, which is to be expected, as the actor overlaps with both box collision components. If I were to create a circle of conveyor belts, so the actor would continuously move around, the actor on top of the conveyor belts, will get pushes further and further to the inner circle of the circular conveyor belts. This does make sense as well, as it keeps overlapping at least two conveyor belts in each corner.

My preferable scenario is that the actor on top does NOT start to move left/right before it’s in the center of the box collision component, but I’m not sure how to calculate this. I was hoping to get some tips and tricks on this one.

Circular conveyor belts
Circular conveyor belts.PNG

Moving overlapping actors

Set box collision extent