Changing "default pawn class " in ShooterGame

Hello .

I have made my own PlayerPawn Blueprint in the ShooterGame 4.5 content example, based of ShooterGame.ShooterCharacter Class , (please note that i did not modify the default playerpawn blueprint , i created a new one) .

Now in the project setting —>Maps & Modes —>Default Mode , the option to change the "default pawn class " is greyed out . and i cant change it .
I also tried creating a brand new GameMode class based off of GameMode.ShooterGameMode , and assigning my custom pawn class in there , then changing the Default Mode to my Newly Created GameMode Class , but it still starts off with default player pawn and ignoring the change in Game mode .

So how i should actually change the default player pawn class ?

ok it might be an idea to base your game type from

  1. ShooterGameFreeForAll
  2. ShooterGameTeamDeathMatch

then set your pawn in these gamemodes which you then apply to the world properties and save your map, this is how i have mine set up

Thanks Geodav .

I created another GameMode based off of "ShooterGameFreeForAll " class , and changed the default pawn in it to my custom pawn , then in the world properties , i set the game mode to my newly created game mode , now when i start the game it says " Waiting for respawn " indefinitly . lol

The only real reason i want to use ShooterGame as a template for my game is the "inventory " section which is defined in ShooterCharacter defaults . Since i have about 10 different kinds of weapons (rifles , granades , LMG , SMG , etc… ) and i only got vague ideas about how to set it up like that to include different weapons ,and store max amoo , remaining amoo , ETC … .
Is there any system like that out there or a tutorial to do this , so i can forget about ShooterGame ? since it has been giving me headache in different areas for sometime now . i have searched to forums for something about the lines of changing weapons , fps inventory , but i didnt find anything useful for this matter. ( or i didnt understand that it was what i wanted , lol ).

Any ideas would be appreciated . thanks in advance

Is there any alternative to use this system in

ok you got to use the shooter player start, not sure if its the team start as well.

i’m away from me comp for a week so i’m working from a very bad memory :slight_smile: