Changing default HUD

I changed the default HUD with my own that I designed, basing it off the sotf blueprints. When I play in PIE it shows the GUI fine, but when I play in game it shows the default HUD.

Is there another place I need to change the default HUD other than the game mode?

Hey Null,

Are you cooking the mod as a TC? If not that would be why. UI changes I believe have to be cooked as a TC mod.

It is cooked as a TC actually. I am overriding the primal fine, and the game mode fine, I know this because I am spawned in as a dino instead of a human hehe, so I’m thinking that it needs to be defined elsewhere as well.

I don’t have much experience with the HUD system but I’ll throw in a possibility.
In the World Settings panel, under Game Mode, are the classes correct for the game mode that plays in game? It’s possible that the game mode playing in the editor is different then the one in game. In fact I know it is - the game mode that plays in editor for me is “TestGameMode.” Well, technically I have the override set to NONE but it’s the same as TestGameMode so I assume that’s the game mode that the editor is defaulting to, since it’s a convennient testing environment.
Did you make a new game mode or are you trying to modify the basic game mode?

So, after some digging this is what I’ve found out. The game definitely uses your game mode, but it doesn’t use some elements within the game mode. Rather, these elements are overwritten when you play the game, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The HUD, and the camera are perfect examples.

In your game mode you can define a HUD, but it will do nothing. So, I had to go ahead and change the core HUD. Once I did that, it worked fine. This is kinda crappy, and I’d way rather have my own version (in fact I’ll still keep a copy). Devs, can we look at fixing this?