Changing default action on the menu wheel

Hey guys,

Im trying to find out how to change the default action for “E” when using my modded object. Its mostly “Access Inventory” on structures with an inventory, but on activated/fueled structures the default is always “Turn on/Light Fire / Turn off/Put out Fire” etc. Now I want to set the default action to “Access Inventory” for fueled structures as well. Ive found this explanation from Drake using Get Multi Use Entries
The explanation itself is like chinese to me since Im new to modding, and the StorageBox_Small_BlueprintUseTest doesnt exist in my dev kit (maybe because I downloaded it sometime after version 215?) so I have no reference.

My questions:
-Is this even the function Im looking for?
-Could I get this storage box test blueprint from someone/somewhere?
-Can someone maybe explain this for a noob as simple as possible?

Client Do Multi Use (Event Graph) - what you want to happen on the client when a use entry is activated, if anything.

Try Multi Use(Overridable Function) - the code/logic you want to happen for each of the entries.

Get Multi Use(Overridable Function) - where the use entries are “made” and setup - What they say and a few settings(such as their position on the wheel).

This doesn’t exist?

I don’t necessarily see the reason for doing what you want to do. F bypasses the multiuse and opens inventory’s directly.


Nope, nothing there :confused:

I know I can also use F but I’d still like to change the default option for E. I guess Im gonna try and set it up somehow without example.

i’m not completely shure about this, but as multi use entries is an array, try to rearrange that array somehow.
e.g. 1,2,3,4 to 4,2,1,3
i think the first one is the default entry showing up.

The example box has been in the dev kit for a while now so you might need to verify your files and try to get the newer updates. It should be in Game/PRimalEarth/Structures/ and is down the list near the other storage boxes. Once you figure out how to implement that box into your mod, you will want to edit

BPGET Multi Use Entries

That part, like is mentioned above, is where the array of things that get displayed is altered to add any new things you want to add. You can do basic array manipulation here that might get what you’re after. I’m not 100% sure that the game hasn’t hardcoded fire implements to always reserve array slot 0 for Light Fire but I can check it out for you.

So, good news bad news kind of news. Bad news is that the multi use entry array seems to build constantly the longer you stare at something. The longer you stand staring at a multi use entry capable object the more times any array manipulation you do will fire off so as soon as you rebuild it the game resets it. I tried to build a temp array, reverse the items inside then rebuild the ReturnUseEntries and it never worked. The last item’s index is constantly going up so that doesn’t look like a viable option for changing the order. If you were working on one particular item and knew exactly what each item showing was, you could try to manually edit just one entry of that array and set it back but the constant renewal would likely stop a fix from that approach as well. I did find some useful information that you can use to sort of trick the menus but not really sure how you could implement it to do what you want. Everything in the menu list is assigned a priority code and a lot of the bits have been hardcoded and are added to the list based on what type of item it is. It also looks like these values are added AFTER get multi use fires so the default things like Demolish will always come after your custom items in the array. Order is unimportant, though, if you can’t edit them and array order has no impact on show order. It looks like Light Fire will always show up before Access Inventory. You could create a new entry type for your item and assign that a higher number so that THAT option shows instead of the default ones but I’m not sure how anything less than a modified core file will get it done.

Light Fire 10
Access Inventory 0 or 1
Set Pin Code -2
Rename -5
Hold for Options -999
Demolish -1000

The priority determines the order, yes. The higher the priority, the closer to the top it is shown - the highest being the “default”, clockwise.