Changing Component Values During Play In Editor Errors


I’m pretty new to Unreal, so please point me to a doc I missed if it’s something silly (which is likely).

I’ve noticed that when I change values in the detail pane while playing in the editor, I get strange behavior and crashes. Usually due to references becoming null/none. This only seems to happen when changing properties or properties on components attached to my ThirdPersonCharacter. This class is a C++ backed class. In PostInitializeComponents, we assign several references using GetDefaultSubobjectByName. However, whenever I change a property on anything attached to ThirdPersonCharacter, all of these refs become null.

In several components, I also create an Initialize event which assigns refs in the component to variables it uses later. These also seem to be None after updates (sometimes).

Are there some guidelines about editing properties, how this might cause actors/components to be destroyed, etc I’m missing?