Changing "-compatscale=" via a widget menu?

I have setup a menu where users can choose “-compatscale=” from 1 to 5 and the variable gets stored in my “game instance” blueprint.

However I’m not sure where exactly I should apply it. I’ve tried feeding it to a “execute console command node” without success.

I thought about putting it into the “options” slot of my “Level Load” node, however that would cause issues when players are joining a pre-existing game since there are no “options” on the “Session Join” node.

So how exactly do I make sure a player who has chosen compat scale 1 in his settings menu, uses that setting once he starts/joins a game?

I’ve been curious about this too–I don’t think there is a single console command to change all the compatibility buckets at once–it looks like each bucket has their own command (ie, one console command bucket for AA, one for Post Process, etc.)

I’ve done it this way (check attachment) in the past, which is kind of reductive but did the job of having a simplified options menu for smaller/gamejam type projects.

Thank you, that worked perfectly. A bit of extra work compared to just using the compatscale.

But doing it like this also gives more control to me and the players over each setting separately.