Changing color of widget buttons (odd behavior!)

I’ve just started using widgets to create menu’s and I’m experiencing some odd behavior that I’m pretty sure is a bug.
I have set my buttons to certain colors and the hovered colors to different colors, so they change when the mouse hovers over them. However, the color that the button changes to is not the color I’m expecting to see! It sometimes changes to black or a completely different color, but never the one that I want.

Below are some screen shots it illustrate the colors I have set in the Details panel and the results I get when I hover over the button during play.

Is this a bug, or am I neglecting to do something when I set things up?

Hello Ermahgerd_Lulz,

The reason that the color is not what your expecting is because the background color is additive. So Yellow Hover tint + blue background will equal green. If you are trying to set the initial color of your button try setting the “Normal” tint color to the desired color and changing the back ground color back to white. I hope that this helps.

Make it a great day.

That’s great Rudy, thanks for that, I was sure it was to do with something I wasn’t doing.