Changing collision and colour using trigger volumes

I am completely stuck! I can’t use Blueprints at all. Although it’s easier than coding, it is still very similar to coding; my coding knowledge is pretty much zero!

If any kind people could help me along, I would be forever in your debt!

What I am trying to do is as follows:

I have a a static mesh (rectangle box) and I have applied a red glass material to it. The mesh as it is has full collision, so it blocks everything.

What I want to achieve is to change the material colour to green and turn collision off completely, so the player can walk through.

I want to achieve all of this using a trigger volume, so, when the player walks close enough to the door frame (inside the trigger volume) the change will happen (almost like an auto door).

This is what I want when the door is ‘Locked’

And this is what I want when the door is ‘Unlocked’

I appreciate any advice people can give me.



First, download Content Examples from marketplace, this is like the first thing I do whenever I update UnrealEngine4.
There is a MouseInteraction example map where a lot sphere you can click and drag, that changes material when they are dragged.
Also, in HUD example, you can study how to drive dynamic material with a variable from blueprint.

Then after you understand both and with your knowledge with trigger volume, you can combine all 3 into what you wanted.