Changing character

Hi.i tryed to change character in thirdperson-bp but i cant.(i tryed to make clone of the character blueprint too)
How we can create (change) character??

What you mean by “i can’t”? Give more information, please. But really, i suggest you watch whole set of available tutorials before trying to do anything.

I rigged character and imported succesfully .i tryed to create blueprint for it but i dunno what to do.i tryed to copy paste from exp. not worked

There is a nice tutorial on YouTube by MetalGameStudios. It should be just what you need.

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Custom Character


It would probably be better for you to understand exactly what you’re copy/pasting, so that you can find out what you missed.

Its nearly 2 year old post but thank you for answer :slight_smile:

I had actually just realized that after submitting it, haha.