Changing Character Position


I’m trying to mess around with changing the position of my character from the base form. I changed the Idle blueprint and that changed the NonCombat and IdleSprint and other blueprints. However, it did not change the animation character which means that it could not change the blueprint character showing the character. Is there something I’m missing? I’m completely new to Unreal.


Would you mind posting a few screen shots? Its hard to tell what the issue is without a little more context :slight_smile:

It is hard to follow the blueprints when you don’t know what they are. Keeping the tabs visible at the top help with visually navigating through these questions. However, My suggestion would be to check if P and O are working by printing out a string when they are called. Then, if that works, print the string out for player and make sure that is set. Finally, there can be only one! so instead of setting a var for the game mode, just use “get game mode” so you know you got it.

Alright here you go: Animation Blueprints - Album on Imgur
Let me know if you need anything else.

Yes this is helpful

Looks like you’ve done step 1 -3 of this

But have you done step 4? That is where the logic will be which controls the animation blend.

Yes, it was the animation blend. I had to go into the locomotion and make sure all the instances were updated. Thanks for the help!