Changing Character Mesh and retargetting all attatched animations?

Hello I am still new to Unreal engine and this is my first post. I was wondrring what would be the most efficient way to replace the current mesh of my character(rigged through Mixamo) and retarget all attatched animations + Blueprint to a newly imported mesh (also rigged through Mixamo) Or do they all need to be done individually? Thankyou!

Hey there @NattyMatty! Welcome to the community! I’ve got a couple of resources on retargeting. One is from Alberto one of our amazing community members here retargeting a literal zebra to a humanoid set of animations, and another from JS films for retargeting Mixamo characters/anims and UE5 Manny. In this case you’d just be straight retargeting them from the retarget source manager so both of these might be overkill but good to learn regardless. I’m also leaving you the documentation for the IK Rig Retargeting IK Rig Animation Retargeting in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation. if you’d need it!

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Alberto’s Zebra retargeting: Unreal Engine 5 2022 08 23 19 58 32 03 - YouTube
(here’s the original thread): How to retarget animal to human? - #6 by alberto

JSFILMS: Retarget Mixamo Animation to Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial - YouTube


Thankyou very much for your help! Ill take a look at all the information youve provided.