Changing character collision capsule component half-height while maintaining base of the capsule

I’m working on a game where the player can change size during the game. Despite some research I couldn’t find a way to change the collision capsule half-height while maintaining the base of the capsule. If I shrink the half-height, all the child components (all the meshes) sink into the ground because the capsule is shrinking towards the center of the capsule. I suppose that a workaround is to simply move all the child components relative to the capsule, but this is fairly impractical with the number of child components in my project. Is there a better way to do it?

I tried the “Crouch maintains base” node, but it didn’t change the capsule scaling behavior at all, I reckon this indeed only works for rescaling the capsule while crouching. Any input would be welcome!

You just move the capsule up by the amount of halfHeight you substracted.

The capsule is the root component in the character class. Moving it around simply moves the character around. The work-around I mentioned does something similar though, I could just move all the child components relative to the capsule

Have you tried having a capsule for each size and just enabling/disabling them as needed?

eg player is small use the small capsule disable the others
player is big use the big capsule disable the others etc

not pretty but it should work

Can you post how to do this? I tried having multiple capsules for one character but it didnt work. I have a movement state where the character prones on the groupd (like snipers do). And in that state obvs its long and thin along the x/y plane and really small up the z plane. The capsule then obvs doesnt match that at all so I wanted to add a second one (one for front bit, one for hind bit) so that I can have proper collision in that state.
Either that or somehow rotating the whole junk by 90 degrees and counter rotating the root bone.

Unfortunately something in the character class prevents use of more than one collision capsule. Only the root capsule is being used. This approach works fine for classes not based on the character class.