Changing camera or gamemode during game

hello, i have 1 question.
I want to create Top Down game with rpg elements and i sometimes need to change camera to 3rd person with diferent interface. is that possible ?

i want to create a strategic game with 3rd person support. if you pick a general and pressed button to play with him in a 3rd person view.

is this possible ?

You cant change the gamemode at runtime, without changing the map, but you can have a top down camera and change it to a third person camera at any time. And yes, you can set the keyboard keys to do different things based of the mode you are playing.

it means that i can create 1 gamemode with both of the modes?
i need top down camera and 3rd person camera with different modes. in modes i mean next : when i select someone and press some button i must go in 3rd person view and control that person with WASD keys with another interface and anytime change camera back to top down view again with another interface.

sorry for my english.