Changing Camera Center of Perspective

I’m wondering if its possible to change the center of the perspective to not be in the center of the screen?
I have been searching for this but not found anyone even trying this.
What I want is for the camera to focus on my character but still have it a bit off to the side so that I Have room for a wide UI.

To explain what I would like to do I took a few example screenshots.
The blue X shows the center of the perspective.

This is the normal perspective with the character in the center:

This is how it end up if you keep the character to the side:

This is the character on the side but with the center of the perspective still on the character:

I want it to look like on the 3rd picture.
I know this result can be achieved by rendering a bigger picture and then crop it, but that’s a huge waste of performance.
Someone must have done this before in UE as its common in fps games to have the center of perspective a bit lower than the center of the screen. But I just cant find how to do it.
Any help is very appreciated.