Changing button values

Hey guys I’m pretty new to UE4, and i don’t get something.
How can I acces button values I mean Position, offset etc. Is it possible?
If not, can i change button position (after being clicked) without using vertical box?

theres not any way that i know of to find a buttons location, I usually always use vertical or horizontal boxes for button layout. If your trying to just show/hide them though, the widget switcher is what you seek.

I want something like a card after being clicked do SOMETHING and it moves SMOWHERE. However how do this Vertical box works? Do it let’s you move it in this way or what? :slight_smile:

Hello HardnerPL,

One common way to do this would be to drag off of the button reference and use “Slot as Canvas Slot”. From there you would use Get/Set position. I hope that this information helps.



Note: This specific example only works if the button is in a canvas panel

Make it a great day

Well it worked, thank you VERY much :smiley:
(it made a great day, night in my country ^^)