Changing brush settings and resetting transforms(rotation & scale)?

Noob question!
So experimenting with construction of a level I’ve found jammed myself up in several places. I learned that if you adjust the settings of a box brush, or stairs or anything any Rotation or scale transforms end up getting scrapped with it. Do i have to rethink how I go about blocking out the world? Or am i missing something glaringly obvious that avoids this? What is the reasoning behind losing those transforms(particularly rotation. seems to add a lot of redundancy of work) when I adjust something seemingly as benign as number of steps or thickness of a wall?
Btw thanks for any tips!

Hi WeTheFallen. The loss of rotation/scale when editing geometry shapes is a known issue, and we have a ticket in about fixing that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s great news and thx for the fast reply, I didn’t know whether it was a work flow issue on my behalf or not, -It’s been a few years since i dabbled with unreal so I’m relearning it all from the ground up. Keep up the awesome!

This is still an issue, will it be addressed any time soon?