Changing between window types

I am trying to create an options menu, and I am trying to get the player to be able to choose from windowed mode, borderless window, and full screen. The thing is it’s not changing.

Just an idea, in project settings>description there is a tick-box ‘Use Borderless Window’. See if you can expose this parameter so your user has control. Also, have you tried to package your project and try it there?

Yeah I have ticked it in the project settings, but there is no way for to expose it. And yeah I have packaged the project no matter I change to windowed, windowed full screen, or fullscreen nothing changes. And the game always says you are in windowed full screen, even though its only 1280x720. I also just tried putting in scalability settings and they do the same. They do not update at all.

Have you tried an input followed by r.SetRes or/and r.FullscreenMode 0?

Alternatively try this tutorial:

Yeah I had tried setting screen type with getting current resolution and adding w, f, and wb nothing, just tried using r.FullscreenMode and still does nothing

I even tried typing the commands, and the console says its updating, but the game never changes.

Try just ‘fullscreen’ instead, I think it’s been updated

alright finally fullscreen worked!!!
Now the problem lies of switching between borderless or not