Changing Audio Settings

Hi, I’m attempting to set up audio settings and I’m finding it to be super difficult. I can’t find anything to actually help me.

I have these slider bars for each Sound Class I have.


I have the sound classes

I have this Sound Mix for Master volume.

So how would I make it change the volume as I’m moving the slider?

I’m in the same boat.
I have neglected my main menu for months because I couldn’t find any resources to help with changing the master volume and other volume classes in blueprints.
I thought the sound mix class would help, but unfortunately, it does not.

Considering this is such a fundamental thing to any game, I feel as though I am completely missing something within UE4, but I cannot find any tutorials anywhere in regards to changing master audio volume, music volume etc globally, and any information I find, people say “Just do it in C++” (without explaining what to do), which is less than helpful for those of us who are using blueprints for everything.

So…are we missing something here? Or do we really have to do “it” (whatever it is) in C++ ?