Changing art style, Cel-Shading possible?

Hello ! I was wondering if its possible with this dev kit to create a cel-shaded look for a mod. Or is stuff like that prohibited to maintain consistency across mods? Thank you !

I don’t think anything is prohibited. The only things we can’t do, are the things we can’t do, and you only find that out by trying to do it lol. That’s code limitations and restrictions on exposure more than anything else.

I wouldn’t have any idea as to how you would go about doing it, either. Everything animated uses skeletal meshes, and stationary items use static meshes, obviously, but I don’t know what the process is for doing that technique so wouldn’t have the slightest on translating it to what I know with modelling and what not.

I would suggest looking up online to see if it’s possible in UE4 (Engine 4.5.1 specifically that is - although this is a modified one naturally), if it is, it might very well be possible with the ADK.


Sure, put a post process volume in your level and smack a cel shading pp material on it and you got your cel shader ingame. But I would be careful. Changing the visual identity of a game is often not appreciated by the gamers.

True that Kenturrac. Unless you’re TC’ing that bad boy!

Can you provide a detailed guide? I am trying to figure it out myself.

You could also just use google. There are sooo many UE4 tutorials out there.