Changing array item name

I have an array of Child Actor Components and they all have names like ObjectGridArray_167.ChildComponent_84. I’m looking for a way to make their names more descriptive like CustomItemName + it’s XY coordiantes. The only operation I can do with the name is to display it on screen is there a way to change it in the array or maybe before it goes into the array?

Why are you wanting to store these values in the name? if you are wanting to have all this info in a single text variable, I would suggest using the append blueprint node. this will add a bunch of things together in order to form one string (that you can turn into a text variable if you want). Get the the child actor component, get its world location, break the vextor, and drag the floats to the append to add them to the string. Hope this helps.


Hello aristides,

I have provided a link to the blueprint API concerning strings. This page will provide information on what options are available for string manipulation in blueprints. I hope that this information helps.

Link: String | Unreal Engine Documentation

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