Changing An Object Material With A Matinee

I know it’s possible to change the colour of a texture with a Matinee, but I was wondering if it’s possible to change an objects material all together. I have tried looking stuff up online, but to no avail. I have also tried things out for myself and not had any success.

I’m not sure about Matinees, but I’m fairly certain you can do that with sequencer and blueprints. Just create an event timeline on the object. Use the Blueprint Director to send an Event Dispatcher to your object which changes the material.

You can do this in Sequencer with a material element switcher track:

Once you have that track, you can change the material from the pulldown and animate it as well by setting keyframes on that track:

Salut à tous, je ne trouve le Add matinee sur la version 4.24.2… quelqu’un peut me dire svp? sa me bloque pour continuer… merci pour tout

what? there’s overrides for materials in sequencer? since when?