Changing an Asset in Game Through Blueprints

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I am trying to change an asset in my scene (coffee table1) to (coffee table2) in game by pressing a button on my widget that I have created. This question was very helpful to me but it changes the asset through cycling with a key press, as where I would like to do this by using a widget button. ( Change Assets in game - Architectural and Design Visualization - Epic Developer Community Forums ) I have already created a widget that allows me to change materials through pressing a button on my widget, but when it comes to switching the asset I get a bit lost. I’m trying to accomplish this with the same logic as the material change by using set visibility attached to the asset and a multi gate, but to no avail. (I will post images of what I have so far) I have the widget setup to appear when you overlap a collision box I have setup. (will post an image of that too) I apologize if any of my scripting is unnecessary I admittedly am not savvy at visual scripting. If I could get a nudge in the right direction as to how to accomplish this task through a widget with buttons I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks so much for your time and help!

This is my Widget Graph BP

This is my Widget setup

In your tableswitch_widget blueprint you will need to cast to your tableSwitch_bp and get the coffee table variables from there, that should stop those errors, you will also need to connect one of the coffee table variables to the other set visibility nodes as at the moment there is no target for it, and I’m not sure exactly of your set up but if you want it so it’s clicked once and it show then once again and be hidden you might want to use a flipflop or some other set up rather than a multigate, below is a link to the different flow controls

Hope it helps

Hey friend! Thanks so much for the answer. I did figure it out. I used the link you gave from the docs about different flow controls and ended up using a sequence into the set visibility attached to the coffee table variables. (I will post an image for future references.) I think before I was trying to make it work through the Widget BP instead of the actual Table BP. Thank you for your time and your help!

Awesome glad it worked! if you set to resolved people with the same problem will know there is an answer here!

Awesome thanks so much! I was wondering how to do that actually. I set the answer as correct. Is that the same thing? Thanks again my friend!