Changing a variable

I had set up a simple timer to adjust the difficulty of a platformer, this would change the timer regarding the amount of time before the ‘out of time’ would appear.

However, when setting up a difficulty level in the main menu, I cannot get my script to alter the ‘minutes’ value in any way, even if the minutes variable is set to be editable. Is there any way to allow for this to work?

Are you converting an Integer into a boolean or am i completely wrong?

This method works with other scripts so I followed it, however, I had also tried to alter the method by directly setting the minute to 3, yielding the same results

This is my first approach that also led to the same results


I’m not sure that I understand this correctly. Theres a difference between your first OnClick method screenshot and the second. When you convert a boolean to integer, this integer will be 0 or 1, but not 2 or 3.

Also, have you tried if “Cast Failed” is executed?

If you’re not sure whether your script is executing, put print string for every path. That’s how we will exactly know where problem is.

As for your timer. There is simple implementation in blueprints for that. Check this out! The function will be called when timer is expired.