Changing a variable name in parent, reset childs variable property in level


i just found a bug (is it a bug? i hope yes because its annoying and its destroyed all my child blueprint property in my 20 maps !)

when you rename a variable in parent blueprint, all your childs you had in maps have their property reset to default !

tell me this is a bug, because i love to clean my blueprint, and renaming variables is part of my cleaning process :). i didnt pay attention and i lost all my custom property data in all childs blueprints i put in 20 differents maps (many hours of work lost)

i can reproduce this, i did it in a new blank project if you need

just please tell me this a bug <3

Hello skeleton60,

Could you provide the steps that you took to reproduce this issue so we can investigate it further? Also, feel free to zip up your project and send me a link to Dropbox and I can have a look at that as well. Thank you.

■■■■ this is a bug then?

ok, steps to reproduce is easy, i dont do anything in particular, i will re-do it at same time i wrote steps:

-Launch unreal engine 4.9.2
-Create a new project → Blueprint → Blank - Target hardware: desktop/consoles - maximum quality - no starter content

-Create a new blueprint “BP_Parent” based on actor class
-Add two variables: a boolean named boolean, and a float named float
-Check “editable” for those two variables

-Create a child blueprint based on “BP_Parent” named “BP_Parent_child”
-Place the child actor on scene
-Edit the variable of the child actor in the scene. Check true the boolean, and write 10.0 for float
-Save the map

-Now open the “BP_Parent” blueprint, and rename the boolean to boolean2 and the float to float2 and compile

-Check the child actor in scene, the boolean is reset to false, the float is reset to 0.0

so is it a bug or normal behavior?

Hello skeleton60,

This is currently a known issue, and is entered in our system as UE-21109. Thank you for your report.

Have a great day.

Sean Flint


it will be fixed soon? the bug still here (UE4.10)


This issue is still being investigated by our developers, and there is currently no timeline for when the fix will be released. I will provide more updates as they become available.

Have a great day

I’m still getting this bug… Still no fix? 4.14.1


Here’s the link to the issue on the public tracker:

The issue has been verified as fixed in 4.14. If you are experiencing the same issue, could you please provide a detailed list of repro steps that we can follow to reproduce the issue on our end?