Changing a skeletal mesh with replication

I have a third person gun mesh that is constructed at the same time as the client First person gun mesh. I believe the initial mesh, silencer, and holosight are created from the construction script which is why we’re able to see the third pers char holding the ump. I cannot for the life of me, get the third person gun mesh to update so when i change the gun, the other clients see that change as well.
I tried using ‘has authority’ and changing the mesh via multicast. and calling the multicast from the server off the client (pic). It seems like no configuration of ‘switch has authority’ and different replicated events will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried asking on other mediums already with no success.

Also, I am looking for a “tutor” that knows replication, especially pertaining to an FPS. Someone I can pay over PayPal that can answer questions like these. We can discuss the pay terms later. So if anyone is willing to, or knows someone that is let me know. Thanks.

Turns out my gun inventory index wasnt being set on the server. So it was stuck at 0 on the server which is why the ump kept showing up as the third person gun mesh.