changing a material in an umg widget fails

Hi :slight_smile:

so, first I tried to make a material fade from black to transparent in a widget, when the game starts.
The widget gets drawn as expected but I get an error message telling me it can not read from the (user-Interface)-Material when it should change.

I didn’t know if something is wrong with the alpha of the texture or something, so i tried changing the color of the material with a vector parameter but I get the same error-message, the color doesnt change.

What am I doing wrong? Can somebody please help me out?

You are taking a MaterialInstanceDynamic material and making a MaterialInstaceDynamic material out of it. That would not work, do it like this:

Essentially, when you’re plugging Parent into CreateDynamicMaterialInstance node, that Parent has yet to be created. At that time, it’s just an empty variable.