Changing a flip-book

I’m making a 2d game where the main character can transform from one form to another

the “A” and “D” for movement .
i want to know how to change the flipbook from human to car if z is pressed , and from human to helicopter if x is pressed and to human if c is pressed

What i just want to transform when a buttons is pressed and return to idle when “a” or “d” is released and move when pressed

i made something like that but i have to hold the key to apply the animation here is a pics to it but i have to hold the transform button to apply the animation
![alt text][1]
![alt text][2]

Thanks a lot , that was really helpful

to make an Enum:
you can right click in the content browser, or click on AddNew in the content browser, and in the popup menu, goto Blueprints > Enumeration. then name your enumeration MovmentState, and add a few entrys into the list.

or just skip all that if you want to use a name variable instead.
then you can go into your character blueprint and add a variable, and change its type to name or whatever you called your custom enumeration. then you can drag it into your character’s event graph and choose “get” and drag off that node and choose switchOnName or SwitchOnMovementState. if you choose name, you will have to click on the switchOnName node, and edit its details, adding elements to its pinOptions list.

here is how to do it with Names instead of Enums:


Sorry , but i’m kinda a beginner can you just show me an other pic of the variable of movement state , because i don’t know how to make variables yet without help

Thanks a lot