Changing 2D character scale causes drifting and inability to jump?

Hey guys
As the title suggests I’m having an issue with the 2D character. I’m creating a prototype where pressing different keys causes the player to change scale. You press one button, you become tall and thin, press another you become normal, press a 3rd you become short and wide.
I’ve got the scaling right, and the collisions are fine, but I’m having the issue that when you go into the tall mode (and only the tall mode, the normal and short versions work fine), the player drifts and carries on moving once I stop pressing the key, and jumping is disabled. Editing the width, I’m able to set it to 0.6 without it breaking, but making it 0.55 or lower causes the break. Also, setting the height to anything above 1 scale causes this to happen.

Does anyone have any ideas? And any idea on how to fix it?

I’ve also tried lowering the scale so that the normal is X 0.5, Y 0.5 and Z 0.5, making the tall one X 0.25, Y 0.25, and Z 0.75, but the problem persists where if the Z is any bigger than normal, it causes the issue. As I said, the X value has some leeway on where it’ll begin to break, but the Z value is an instant break.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me :slight_smile: