Changin variable only on placed actor


I am in a process of making RTS game and I wanted to implement " upgrade system ".
Now i have menu with category in which are buildings, in this case we will use House object.
I made 2 booleans in House blueprint : " Modern House " and " Villa ". Now when I place that building with that blueprint, when I click on that building i want to upgrade it by changing boolean, but only way I found includes changing variables for all placed and all houses that are going to be placed. Now my question is :
Can i change variables of only that one actor that is placed.
I made a " Clicked Actor " Actor reference that will be used to determine which actor is seleced, now can i change lets say " villa " boolean on that one only ?

Thank you anyway ! <3

Did you set those booleans to editable?

Yup, all of them are editable. I can edit them, thats not problem, but I need way to reference only placed actor.

Can we see your BP?