Changes to Level not save, but Saved folder has correct dated files

I was modding the Valley of the Ancients yesterday and nothing unusual happened. I saved with the icon and closed the file. I am pretty sure I had closed and opened the file as well. But today when I opened the file, the camera and objects I had changed on the terrain were no longer there. I see in the “Saved” folder that there is some stuff dated yesterday, butI don’t know ifI can retrieve that.

Any ideas how I could get yesterday’s work back?

UE5, PC NVDIA 3080ti

Hey @Allucinari welcome back to the forums! I haven’t seen any reports recently about level saving failing so I’d like to gather a bit more information! So when you said you saved with the icon directly, we’re talking about the level save floppy disk in the top left of the editor right?

Also, there are no other instances of the map/level itself? If not, this could be a level saving bug, if so it may not have been able to save all changes and the only place that would have any changes are the temp files that are made before the save is generated. 3 different command lines roll through whenever you save and they look like this. I’ve never seen them fail, so I’d recommend pulling a different level and testing a few changes and saves and checking your output log for any errors. If there are none and it works it may have been a one off bug.

Let me know how the tests go!

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Thanks for responding. I ended up testing this a couple times. I was ctually confident it was a fluke and did more work in the project, saved, but then it ended up not being there when I came back again. And this time I did it to a copy of the project so there was no way I could be confused. It simply didn’t save my changes. So I am just making a new project. Will migrate some assets t it and then see if that can save.

Huh that’s odd. If you can replicate that I’d probably submit it as a bug, that seems pretty dangerous if it happens to a project you’ve been working on for a while! Let me know if anything else goes on!