Changes made to sounds during simulate should be saved

I’m trying to tune my attenuation settings on various ambient sounds by messing with them during simulation, but any changes I make get lost when the simulation ends. Is this by design? It would be a lot easier to get a sound right if I can make all my changes live and have them saved.

My ideal workflow would be to drop a sound (wave or cue) into a map, hit simulate, tweak until it sounds right, then end simulation and have it remember everything I changed during simulate.

Currently, I can only change things I can remember while simulating, then set them again when the simulation ends. Since many settings affect the results of other settings, it is rather inhibiting.

Changes made during Play In Editor (PIE) sessions are reverted when the session is stopped, this is by design. Otherwise you’d have situations where enemies that move during gameplay remain where they were when you stop the game etc. I might be mistaken but I believe there was a plugin that enables you to preserve PIE changes after stopping (or maybe that was for Unity). In any case, what you want to do is create an attenuation asset, then while playing tweak THAT, and those changes will remain after gameplay ends.