Changes made in 4.6 to Cascade are detrimental to particle systems.

Hey Epic,

I noticed that all of the Color modules in Cascade now use RGB values that are limited (clamped) between the 0-1 range. Although the RGB part makes sense, the clamp is a huge problem because it prevents you being able to add glow/emissive-ness to your particles within cascade, unless you are prepared to use a dynamic parameter, or set the brightness in the material instance.

This is very unintuitive because not only do you need a lot more instances of your material, but you can’t set the brightness per-particle anymore to be random without a lot of workarounds.

I’d like to request that the old system be re-introduced as soon as possible, even as part of a hotfix, as I’m surprised nobody has picked up on it yet.

AnswerHub Post here:

I have already reported the issue Jamsh in Colors clamped in cascade? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

The reply was also posted there.

Ah that slipped me by in my mini rage fit :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to know it’s been addressed!

hehe i been there too when it got released ^^

I noticed this too, but you can also set the value directly above 1 by opening the colour picker and typing in the value. You can also set it by dragging the curve.

I agree I preferred the old way of doing it so I hope that this change was just an oversight and will be reversed, but you don’t have to go through all that material runaround!

Stephen Ellis answered in DieByZero thread: