Changes in UFUNCTION or UPROPERTY macros causes component to get weird in blueprints. How to fix?

Unreal is awesome! Like it so much, but i have terrible problem that pursues my project about 3 months. I’ve read this topic - someone before me had a similar question:…from-a-c-class. And there are a lot of similars! As TheJamsh stated here, blueprints should be recreated after canges to UFUNCTION (i think the same logic applies to UPROPERTY or UCLASS). That’s really a problem! Imagine you had 50 components in one actor blueprint, and after you updated code for one single component in your blueprint, you now need to recreate entire blueprint (in my case, if I won’t, I’ll get instance of a class derived from StaticMeshComponent that has no mesh, transform reset to default and if you’ll try to delete it, editor will crash :(). I wouldn’t want to recreate such a thing from scratch :rolleyes: This is not a solution, as it seems to me. So, i ask community - is there any way to solve this problem (except of just reset blueprint file to the state of the previous commit :D)? For exmaple, somehow refresh blueprint after changes to macros have been made, or duplicating, and not recreating manually?

I generally end up giving anything changed a new name, so it doesn’t clash with the marshaling of the old stuff. This seems to work OK for native properties, functions, and components, as long as the blueprint and editor visibility flags are set correctly.
Then I have to ctrl-shift-F to find all references to the old name, and change them to the new name, in the blueprints that use it.
It’s often also a good idea to quit the editor, re-build the plugin, open the editor, do the find-rename, save everything, quit the editor, and open the editor again, to reduce the risk of “contamination” causing crashes. Don’t rely on hot reload when changing/removing function signatures or properties.

Huge thanks for reply, **jwatte! **God, that’s weird. The fact that i need to do it with every element which blueprint i influenced in C++, makes me feel sick. I pray for rinding better solution than that :frowning: