Changed node name in ue5

Hello, I am using UE5 right now but i started learning with UE4. Do you know if the node add on actor begin overlap got its name changed? I can find the node event begin overlap but not the add on actor since its the one refering to an object. Could somebody help me?
Thank you

Show me the node in 4.

These are the two main ones

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this is the ue4 node, as you can see it has te trigger box in brackets because its the object referring to and the one thats gonna make the action.

Sorry for the quality of the image, I had to take a pic with my phone since it was from the last update :upside_down_face:

I’m assuming you’re in the level BP? Just select your trigger, right click on the graph background


Thank you, i was doing the mistake of trying to get the box by another arrow and thats why it didnt show up.

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