Changeable Armour ?

Anyone got any good tutorials on Armour Rigging ? Want upgradable armour.

What exactly does this have to do with animation? Upgradeable armor would be a system, made in blueprint or coded in C++.

Would suggest you want to use the same skellie as ur character if you want to apply the same animations if that helps… Imo, look into re-targeting.

Well, Rigging. Wanting to know how I should rig the armour to the character. Found this pretty good tutorial … UE4 How to Synch Animated Armor - YouTube

I guess the question at the moment is, do I need to apply weight maps ?

Ye, you’re gonna have to rig and weight in your 3D app or if you’re using mixamo models or some such I think you can just chuck your stuff through the auto-rigger but I’ve yet to try.

Thanks for the replies guys.

So just to check I’ve got this right … I have the character model and for each piece of armour & clothing modeled on the character I rig with weights and save as separate fbx files, then follow the tutorial I posted ?