Change window behavior for blueprint editor

I’m not sure if the same goes for all ‘sub windows’ in unreal engine, but it really bothers me that if the blueprint editor is open, you cannot easily go back to the main editor window from the task bar.

If both are open, I can click on the main editor button in the taskbar (in windows 7) all I want, but I keep going to the blueprint editor.
So it sort of seems to behave like a ‘modal’ window (one that is forced on top, so you first have to close it to get back to the ‘parent’ window), but… not really

you can still minimize the blueprint editor window and then you end up in the main editor window…and everything works fine, so it IS possible to go back to the main editor window while the blueprint editor is open…

so why the weird behavior on the task bar? Can’t you just make it normal so that it opens the window that you actually click on in the taskbar like most other programs do??? I don’t see the point in how it’s working now…

I’m trying to find a solution for this too. It is so retarded.