Change Wheel Class within Blueprint


I made a vehicle which works perfectly, but as I am someone who doesn’t love static and limited functions in a Class/Object/Blueprint. I made the vehicle “moddable”, basically you can change Mesh, Physics asset, Colour etc…So we’re talking about Construction Script.

Since you can change the Vehicle Skeletal mesh, I wanted to make the User be able to change the wheel size in the WheelClass area, but I can’t find a way to change / reassign the class to each wheel.

SCREENSHOT: Dropbox - Error
[1]: Dropbox - Error

I think I found a better solution, and this is meant to all those who want to Make a Template of a vehicle or any pawn. Just do whatever the Pawn is supposed to do. Like Animations, functions etc… Then save it, (Test it also :wink: ) After you’ve done your Entity/Blueprint. Then Create a Blueprint based on your MasterBlueprint and edit what you need to edit there. In order to interact or comunicate with that Actor/Pawn use the Cast to "class " I think it’s more manageable this way.
I hope this helped. :slight_smile: