Change Weapon with Blueprint (Problems)

Hiho everyone,

i have a few questions about Blueprints. I have a FPS-Character. Now i want to pick up a Flashlight and Change the walkanimation and so on. That worked. But i have a big Problem. If i want to Change that light to another weapon (i dont have one yet) then the Flashlight should be invisible and the light should go off.

But after 5 hours of experiments with BP i dont get it to work. I looked at the shooter demo, but i cant find any Inputs, because they are done in C++.

Is there a good tutorial abaout custom FPS characters and having more weapons and changing this weapons. But all done with blueprints.

My Problem is: the flashlight is a blueprint that snaped to the pawn over the cast to… But i cant tell the light to go on or off. If i take a normal Spotlight to mycharacter and set toogle visibility on and off. That worked. But the flashlight wont hear my voice.

I hope you understand my Problem. Maybe someone could help me.


The most of the Problems are now solved. I figured it out how to get my Flashlight working.

Only the Change Management is braking my head. But i hope i get this to work too.