Change visiblity of one actor through another

When conditions inside “ACTOR A” are met i want to ‘toggle visibility’ of “ACTOR B”.

How do i make “ACTOR B” a target for the ‘toggle visibility’ node within “ACTOR A”?

I’ve tried declaring a variable then setting it to “ACTOR B” but i get “Target is not scene component”.


Hi there, i assume you have the actors placed in the level?

The Variable will be indeed the easiest solution. But when you declare it, you need to set the VariableType to Actor. Since it is just about Visibility this should be good enough. Every Actor supports this functionality, so no need to cast.

Just drag your Actors into the level where you can set your Variable in the Details. Then select the other Actor (that needs to be placed in the level as well for that).

hope that helps. Marooney